Saturday, March 13, 2021

Well again I have been a slacker about this blog. 
 Just a few days after I wrote the last post my internet ,phone and TV services were blasted out by an ice storm. 
 Took over a week to get services back.
 I however did not loose my heat as 120 thousand others did. 
 I did have a slew of wires in my front yard. As it tuns out they were in deed our internet service. Calling the power company when they dropped then the internet company while I had services at 1 am but of course they were to busy to care.
 No trees or wires on my house or cars so your good.
 My next door neighbor was out until just a few days ago.
   I have a cousin in North Carolina and they had a twister rip through there city 2 days after our storm. Still have no contact with her.
 Go out and see your friends the world ,eat good food and enjoy your time. It's very short. 
This year has been total shit
 Jan 2020 Pandemic
 June 2020 my Husband passed away from cancer.
 Sept fire tore through the city right up to my city line ash fell over me for weeks .
level 2 evac for two weeks .
 Feb 2021 Ice storm. 
Wow I don't wonder why I am a bit Depressed.
 Well off to work and get rid of stuff before I die, it burns or crushed be a tree or two. ,
Oh yea I lost all three of my trees in the storm.
 My yard is now a sunny yard. 
Neighbors still have one half of there tree the half that did not fall into my yard leaning toward there house and a tree cutter can not get to any of us until march the 27 . Yeah Enjoy the videos

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Tiny Kitchen Space

Small spaces and dishware I have a small kitchen not as small as some but pretty tiny. Space saving is a must in a small kitchen Use your walls and cabinets to hang as much as you can. I pack allot of stuff into a small space.
Next cleaning : Soap and water does the trick, on corelle but sometimes this dishware will stain. Kleen king best total cleaner I have ever found. Cleans your dishware without harm or much work. Also cleans porcelain like a champ, sinks , toilets , copper ,stainless and steal fixtures. Unfortunately I can no longer get it in my area but you can order it on line. Be sure to use under my cabinets.all your space by going under and vertical. my less used spices

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Blog and The Pandemic

My blog may seem silly and boring to most of you. This blog was a way to keep me busy while being isolated. Seems the rest of the world with the pandemic has also become isolated. I suffer from boy in bubble syndrome. No immune system ,missing A1 and A3 immunegobblins. So for the last 40 years I have worn a mask to do almost everything. Stay away from people ,large gatherings and the sick. So I would have to say welcome to my world. Sorry for all of you going nuts stuck with the kids or that partner you thought you loved. Try some of my crazy crafts and recipes to keep yourself busy. They say we should be back to normal by next fall . That’s still a long way off my friends.


This year i have failed to blog or tweet or much of anything. I lost my partner and have been in morning. I promise to update and stay in touch. 2021 must be better