Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Garden Update August 2018

Well another month passes and we are starting the harvest season in the garden.
The first harvest is pictured for the first of August.

 The potatoes and rhubarb are coming along and the bush beans have taken off like rockets.
Beets and radish second harvest have just been started and this week I'm going to try to wrangle rose propagation.
Have a wonderful August
Oh yes the hot house is coming along nice in the rebuild.

WE also bought a 20 dollars grafted plum tree.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Garden update 2018 july Greenhouse

Revamping the old greenhouse to have a real base and walls not falling over.
So hubby has also started on the new greenhouse July 2018
Sort of 3 sides are level and on the ground. It's a good start.

Back box garden update July 2018

These are the other boxes all the same size except the front 3 .
The little boxes are for aspargrass ,horseradish and strawberries.
The rocks are set part way up and then i need to finish the borders in stones.
Well my hubby does. I water weed ,feed and harvest.
He does the rest and has thrown his back out again.
So besides being 100 degrees he needs to rest for a few weeks.
This yard will take a few years to do between the two of us.
So here's the other boxes.
Lemon cucumbers and a ghost pepper in the one box and red Pontiac potatoes in the other.

Still another 40 feet to go but I will have fresh vegies this year and tons to share

Garden Update july 2018

Well we have finished the next large box and 3 smaller boxes.
They are built with cinder blocks re-bar and tamped with sandy soil and sealer inside the stones to hold them in place.
The tomatoes have  gone wild .
They are out of control and filled with lots of green tomatoes 
Also in this box .
There is 1 zucchini two cucumbers and an artichoke at at the end in the first box.
Box size 14 x 4 feet 

The other box has bush beans beets and that wondering large plant is a type of accorn squash.
It's turned hot here in the Salem valley and things have taken off  in full speed.
Yesterday i brought in 2 good size zucchini squash and there are 10 more on my 1 plant.
Pictures as of this am .