Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Plane across America

We are so very Blessed 
to be able to call this beautiful place home, our country. 

I doubt you have ever seen
anything like this one!


This detailed train was designed and built by Claudio. It has over 400 parts and you can download the plans for free to build your own.
Another of Claudio’s paper model designs. This Back To The Future Delorean even has a detailed cockpit. Click the picture to download the plans for this model for free.
Brian Chan
This Origami work was based on the Mensa logo.
 No cutting or gluing here – just folded paper.
Amazingly, this fiddler crab was created by folding just a single piece of paper.
Sher Christopher
Sher Christopher collects paper from all over the world to create unique works of art.
 This piper is intently focused on his subject.
This masked woman has great style. The curled paper hair looks awesome.
Peter Callesen
Peter’s pieces often have a thought provoking effect on the viewer.
This one is no exception. Great original concept and flawless execution.
Life after death feeling to it.
Ingrid Siliakus
This symmetrical design is really impressive and full of little details.

New Project Free Dresser

Hubbys new project 
We picked up a junk dresser

and hope to give it  new life

Friday, August 17, 2012

Recycle Crafts from Donna

Donna over on our chat site has been working again to recycle everything she comes across.
Wonderful job once again .
Great crafts made from what we call junk.!