Sunday, December 8, 2013

Glitter Playdough

Homemade Gift Idea: Glitter Playdough

Here's a great, sparkly stocking stuffer to make for kids of any age. Take a look at how you can make your own glitter playdough:
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour

  • 1 cup salt

  • 2 cups water

  • 1 tablespoon oil

  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar

  • food coloring (your choice)

  • glitter

Here's how you do it:
  • To evenly distribute the color, add your food coloring to your water.

  • Combine flour, salt, colored water, oil and cream of tartar in a large saucepan. Cook this mixture over medium heat until it turns to a playdough consistency. Stir constantly while heating.

  • Take dough out of the saucepan and let it sit until cool. Once able, flatten the paydough on the counter and sprinkle with glitter. Thoroughly knead the glitter into the dough.

  • Store in airtight containers. This recipe should yield up to 4 jam jars.

Check out more pictures and the full post over at Tradewind Tiara's DIY Project: How to Make Glitter Playdough.

Judy is hard at work again with these darling Barbie outfits

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cast of Once upon a Time

Main CastActor / Actress
Snow White/Mary MargaretGinnifer Goodwin
Emma SwanJennifer Morrison
Evil Queen/ReginaLana Parilla
Prince Charming/DavidJosh Dallas
BelleEmilie de Ravin
Henry MillsJared S. Gilmore
Red Riding Hood / RubyMeghan Ory
Rumplestiltskin / Mr. GoldRobert Carlyle
The DwarfsActor / Actress
BashfulMig Macario
DocDavid Paul Grove
DopeyJeffrey Kaiser
Grumpy / LeroyLee Arenberg
HappyMike Coleman
Sleepy / WalterFaustino Di Bauda
Sneezy / Mr. ClarkGabe Khouth
StealthyGeoff Gustafson
Guest CastActor / Actress
Alphonse FrankensteinGregory Itzin
Ashley Boyd / CinderellaJessy Schram
AuroraSarah Bolger
BaelfireDylan Schmid
BillyJarod Joseph
Blind Witch / Miss GingerPatti Allan
Blue Fairy / Mother SuperiorKeegan Connor Tracy
Burly Man / Ogre / Scarred OgreC. Ernst Harth
Captain HookColin O’Donoghue
CaterpillarRoger Daltrey
CoraBarbara Hershey
Daniel / Stable BoyNoah Bean
Donkey DriverMichael Roberds
Dr. Whale / Dr. Victor FrankensteinDavid Anders
Geppetto / MarcoTony Amendola
Gerhardt FrankensteinChad Michael Collins
GrannyBeverley Elliott
Gretel / AvaKarley Scott Collins
Hansel / NicholasQuinn Lord
Jefferson / Mad HatterSebastian Stan
Kathryn Nolan / AbigailAnastasia Griffith
King George / SpencerAlan Dale
King LeopoldRichard Schiff
Knave of HeartsPaul McGillion
MaleficentKristin Bauer
Mirror / Sidney / SydneyGiancarlo Esposito
MorraineGreyston Holt
Mr. GraceScott E. Miller
Mr. ‘K’ KrzyszkowskiDavid Bloom
Mrs. GraceLaura Wilson
MulanJamie Chung
Mute MaidChristina Gooding
outsiderEthan Embry
Paige / GraceAli Skovbye
PinocchioJakob Davies
Prince PhilipsJulian Morris
Queen EvaRena Sofer
Queen of HeartsSeason 1 – Jennifer Koenig / Season 2 – Barbara Hershey
Queen’s GuardOsmond L. Bramble
Sheriff Graham / HuntsmanJamie Dornan
Sir LancelotSinqua Walls
SmeeChristopher Gauthier
Stranger / The Stranger / August W. BoothEion Bailey
TamaraSonequa Martin-Green
The Woodcutter / Michael TillmanNicholas Lea
Valet / The Evil Queen’s FatherTony Perez
VendorDonald Adams
Young CoraRose McGowan
Young Snow WhiteBailee Madison

Once upon a Time Rapunzel

In the 14th episode of “Once Upon a Time” we will be introduced to a new character. We are talking about Alexandra Mets who landed the role as Rapunzel. At this time, she is only booked for one episode. More information to come..
This photo is courtesy of Sarang via Wikimedia Commons at en.wikipedia and it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cat toys

Choose a critter and cut out pattern from the paper. Pin pattern pieces to the felt and cut out accordingly. Sewing- A ladder stitch is recommended for best results. 

1. Start out by sewing bird belly to one side of bird half and continue up and around over head until you reach the tail. 
2. Continue on with the tail in position until the end, knot, then finish the other side of tail. 
3. Now go back and finish sewing the other side of the bird belly. Wow you can see the bird taking shape! 

4. Sew about 3/4 of the bird base on leaving enough room open to stuff bird. 
Fill with fiber fill or a premium catnip, finish sewing base on.5.Now your ready for the eyes and wings. Knot thread to position of eye, slide on glass bead and go through to other side and slide on other the bead, pull tightly to create small indentation in felt. Go through a couple of times to securely fasten eyes. (You may choose to glue felt eyes on instead to prevent any injury to your cat.) Clip wings to give the illusion of feathers then fasten to bird body as indicated on pattern. 6. Stitch on bird feet. Voila your finished!! Now go make the other two critters, the same technique may be applied to those as well.