Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cat toys

Choose a critter and cut out pattern from the paper. Pin pattern pieces to the felt and cut out accordingly. Sewing- A ladder stitch is recommended for best results. 

1. Start out by sewing bird belly to one side of bird half and continue up and around over head until you reach the tail. 
2. Continue on with the tail in position until the end, knot, then finish the other side of tail. 
3. Now go back and finish sewing the other side of the bird belly. Wow you can see the bird taking shape! 

4. Sew about 3/4 of the bird base on leaving enough room open to stuff bird. 
Fill with fiber fill or a premium catnip, finish sewing base on.5.Now your ready for the eyes and wings. Knot thread to position of eye, slide on glass bead and go through to other side and slide on other the bead, pull tightly to create small indentation in felt. Go through a couple of times to securely fasten eyes. (You may choose to glue felt eyes on instead to prevent any injury to your cat.) Clip wings to give the illusion of feathers then fasten to bird body as indicated on pattern. 6. Stitch on bird feet. Voila your finished!! Now go make the other two critters, the same technique may be applied to those as well.

Help in Portland for the kitties

Mini Picture Necklace

How to make a miniature Polaroid photo necklace by luckymaria

Ginny Goodwin & Josh Dallas Expecting a Baby

Once Upon a Time: Ginny Goodwin & Josh Dallas Expecting a Baby

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 08:30 AM PST
Okay, I want you to have a seat. We have some incredible news that will bring any fan screaming with joy. Our beloved Snow White and Prince Charming are expecting a little prince or princess. However, we are talking about real life.
In October, we learned about the couple being engaged. Well, US Weekly confirmed today the rumors that the hottest celebrity couple, Ginnifer Goodwin and Joshua Dallas, is expecting a child.
Rumors began swirling when Ginny Goodwin was on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” set wearing a gray swig coat. This large garment conveniently concealed her stomach. This will be the couple’s first child.
Congrats to Ginny and Josh! In the comments below, send your love and good wishes to them!