Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Knit Pattern final Instructions for 752 cover

The first part of this can be found under needlework  1934 Dress pattern
published a few days ago

Morning update

Good morning Friends.
Sorry I missed yesterday.
For those who know me you all know it was one of those days.
Now for the rest of you I am disabled and pushing  the last daisy soon.
So My plan is to post as many of my cool old recipes ,crafts and info before I do so .
So keep watching for vintage turn of the century goodies.
Also selling out the house of anything I don't really need after moving to a much smaller house .
My ebay ID is sherwoodii so you can follow what I dump.
Hope everyone has a great day .
P.S. Today we have SNOW again .
So pretty.

1929 Recipe For Pudding and Rice Dessert

Good morning