Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Vintage Racing Patches

For those of you who know me  and those who do not.
Racing has always been a passion in this family.
While selling on ebay we met a wonderful man who has bought all of my 30 or so vintage racing  patches
Check out this great guy named Chuck and his collection
 Chuck has an incredible collection that is first class! He has had many neighbors and friends and members of the racing community over to see his "hobby". He was offered five thousand dollars for it once and turned that down. Everyone has a price they say, but something tells me Chuck's going to hold on to his prize because he's worked for it for so long. A true labor of love!

If you have any patches or decals that you think Chuck would be interested in purchasing, he would be happy to hear from you. You can reach him at 219-322-4867 or email
This collection speaks eloquently to the legacy and diversity of the auto racing world, and who is better than Chuck Alm as the definitive proprietor of this legacy!