Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recycle Seed Starts

The last two weeks have been really warm so of course I got my seeds started.
We have snow today but the seeds are started and will be moved to the cat buckets under plastic in about 3 weeks.
My seeds are started in egg cartons inside recycled cake containers.
I set them on top of the freezer or fridge for a few days until they sprout then move to a towel on the kitcken island for another few weeks.
You just lift the egg cartons out cut apart and plant straight into the soil when there ready.

Recycle Cat Litter Buckets

Many of you have asked do I recycle.
Well of course.
I have a cat and there is nothing better then the cat buckets for ,well,everything.
In the winter they sit on the counter with my herbs growing in them.
In the summer they make great planters with a bit of new soil each year.
WE painted the buckets White and left the handles on .
I drilled holes in one all the way around and use it as a potato bin.
Cat litter buckets !