Friday, June 25, 2010

Fancy Coffee Filter Corsage

 Thanks to AmazingMoms for this idea!

Create them this unique and beautiful Fancy Coffee Filter Corsage that can last years.

All you need are:
•3 Coffee filters
•1 Pipe Cleaner
•Acrylic or Watercolor Paint
•Paint brush
Hot Glue Gun
•Optional Embellishments: doilies, felt balls, broken jewelry, decorative paper

To create, simply follow these steps:
1.Start with 3 coffee filters.

2.Flatten them out with your hand.

3.Fold the filters like a fan. One fold towards you, one away, until you reach the end.

4.Once you have your folds all done, cinch the center with a pipe cleaner.

5.Then gently, open up each “petal” one by one.

6.The next step involves paint. Choose any color or colors of acrylic or watercolor paint, that you want the edges to be.

7.Water the paint down as much as you can, while still retaining the color.

8.Then slowly drag your brush along the edges, and watch the watery paint bleed onto the filter petals. This is my favorite part…

9.Next, cut off the ends of your pipe cleaner, so that you can hot glue a ribbon on to the back, to serve as your wrist tie.

10.The next part involves any creativity and imagination you want to incorporate into your corsage. Use papers, doilies, ribbons, felt balls, bits of broken jewelry or anything you wish, to embellish your corsage… I used wrapping paper for leaves and I hot glued doily edges here and there for extra frill. I used hot glue for this entire project. Make sure not to let children use a hot glue gun without adult supervision.
Wala ! Flower Corsage

Another coffee filter Flower