Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FREE Doll E-Pattern

FREE Doll E-Pattern by Shashi Nayagam

Shashi Nayagam of "MoonbeamWorld.com" and "Sewing With Moonbeams" blog offers one of her wonderful dolls "Butternut" as a FREE Doll E-Pattern in .PDF format that you can download yourself.
Just CLICK on the two .pdf links below to view and print the E-Pattern and Instructions for making Butternut.

Pattern - Click here to open [Butternut-pattern.pdf]

Instructions - Click here to open [Butternut.pdf]

Shashi's Bio - “I was born in India and raised in a small hill station. When I was very young I would watch my mother's friend who made beautiful cloth dolls and dreamed of making my own dolls one some day. After growing up, getting married and moving to UK, I was able to make my dream come true. With the help of many Internet doll making friends and on line classes as well as taking classes with some of the wonderful doll artists from and in America, I have been able to develop my doll making skills. Since my childhood pastimes were drawing and painting I have been able to use these skills in creating my dolls.”
Shashi's website is "MoonbeamWorld.com" and Shashi's blog is "Sewing With Moonbeamssewingwithmoonbeams.blogspot.