Monday, April 12, 2010

Site of the Cafe 300

This just came over from my sister in Livermore California.
For many years my hubby and I lived and worked in the little sleepy town of Livermore Ca.
Population 12,000 ,ranchers ,farmers . two or three small family wine vineyards. and site 300.
Let me say this was 30 years ago when nobody even heard of Livermore or site 300.
Where we would spend many a weekend hunting rattlesnakes for hat bands.
Now Livermore is a booming city full of world round vineyards and chefs .
It is good to see that site 300 is still known for the snakes and easy hunting.
This is the announcement I was sent

So Livermore announces the return of their beloved sushi chef  ******..well we have fresh rattlesnake, so there!

See pics below

To this day my daughter is terrified of any snake.
Not from hunting them but from cleaning the skins.
One dead headless snake coiled and jumped at her.
Thats why we cut the heads off before cleaning them !
These guys are some little ones. Some  snakes out there were over 10 feet long.
I swear there's a world record in the Livermore Hills.

Bowling Balls Garden Style

This is a fun way to reuse that old ball.
I found this while surfing the web and may put this out in my own yeard.
Next to the ball bugs.
Tutorial found HERE

Sping Soda Flower

I have to say this is really a cleaver idea.
I can see the kids making and using this .
Tutorial found HERE

Garden Yum ?

My Mother Loved these.I could not eat this until I was way into my thirtys and found out what I was missing.
You will also find how to kill snails listed at the bottom of this recipe.
How to prepare garden Snails Yum ?

Instructions.Things You'll Need:
•2 shallow saucers (about one half inch deep)
•Wheat bran
•Shredded lettuce
•Chopped fresh herbs (optional)
•Red wine (optional)
•Small fish tank, about 5 gallons (or equivalent container)
•Screened lid
•3 bricks
•1 board that will fit into cage
How to Prepare Garden Snails for Eating

Start by placing two of your bricks in a sheltered area of your garden where snails hang out. Place the board across them. Check in the early morning and you should have snails clinging to the underside of your board. Decide how many snails you will need, generally about a dozen per person. Gather them carefully to avoid damaging them or their shells. Keep gathering until you have enough.
Step 2
Place your two bricks in the tank, then put the board on top of the bricks. Place the saucers on top of the board. Fill one saucer with clean water, the other with a mixture of your grains. Place shredded lettuce in the bottom of the cage. Supplement the lettuce with fresh herbs to add additional flavor. You can also use wine for part of the water. Mist all very lightly with water, then place your snails inside. Place the cover on top and weight it down with the third brick.
Step 3
Change the water, grains and lettuce daily. Mist the inside of the cage lightly every day. The snails will "excrete" a lot every day, and you want them living in a clean cage. Continue this process for two weeks. Remove any dead snails as soon as you find them.
Step 4
Remove the lettuce and grain, but keep the water clean. CAREFULLY remove the snails and wash them gently in clean water. Replace in the cleaned cage. Leave the snails with water only for two days.
Step 5
Bring two gallons of water to a boil. Put your snails into the boiling water and stir them very gently for five minutes. Drain them, then remove the snails from their shells. Wash the snail meats several times in vinegar and water (one cup of vinegar to two gallons of water) to eliminate remaining mucus. Drain, then cook for a half hour in water with garlic and your choice of herbs, salt and pepper.
Step 6
If saving the shells, cook them for an hour in one gallon of water and a cup of baking soda. Allow to drain and dry overnight.
Step 7
Proceed with any recipe, either chopping the meats or leaving them whole. The French usually retain the shells for presentation, but other cultures serve them sauced in small baking dishes. They are a popular Spanish tapas dish.Make sure you serve with plenty of good bread for sopping up the butter and juices.

How to Kill Garden Snails. Just in Case