Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage Clipart


This homemade hobbyhorse is perfect for kids who are rearing to go. Fashioned from a pair of old blue jeans, it requires no sewing. Just gather some string, felt, glue, yarn, polyester filling (available at craft stores), and a 3-foot-long wooden dowel with a 3/4-inch diameter. Then, follow these six steps.

1. Cut off one jean leg about 2 feet up from the hem. Turn the leg inside out and use string to tightly tie the bottom closed.

2. Now, turn the leg right side out and glue on felt eyes and nostrils.

3. For the horse's mane and forelock, arrange 8-inch lengths of yarn into four bunches of 35 strands. Tie each bunch in the center with another strand.

4. Starting 2 inches above the horse's eyes in the center of the pant leg, cut 8 3/4-inch vertical slits (spaced a half inch apart). Weave one bunch of yarn through the first two slits, so that the ends stick out and resemble a forelock. Weave the other bunches through the remaining slits to create the mane.

5. For ears, cut the back pockets from the jeans and use string to tie the tops closed. Cut ear slits in the head and insert the tied ends of the pockets into them.

6. Stuff the horse's head (up to its ears) with polyester filling. Insert one end of the wooden dowel. Then, pack the neck with more filling and tightly tie the lower edge of the neck to the dowel. Finally, tie a string bridle around the horse's nose.