Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lamb Pin Tutorial

Little lamb Pin Tutorial found HERE

The Cat

Well it would not be a real blog without a photo of a cat.
Ok cat lovers, this little trick will make you love your cat even more then you already do. I love my kitty' s but I hate cleaning up hair balls.  Turns out there is a super simple solution that I wish someone had told me about years ago. All you need to do is put a tiny bit of liquid flax seed oil  on their food. It costs only a few dollars for a bottle and because you only need a little a bottle it should last you a month or two depending on how many cats you have. The flax seed oil is perfectly safe for you cat. Basically what it does it keeps the hair balls from ever forming. The oil breaks down the hairball so it can pass through your cats system. If you have cats I suggest you give this a try, since I have started doing this I have cleaned up zero hair balls!

I called my vet to make sure this was safe before trying, you may also want to do the same thing.
I have also used Olive oil one cat loves it the other hates it. One likes flax the other not.
So give a try on both.

The Long Thread

The Long thread Make it Monday Tutorials
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