Friday, May 18, 2012

Household Tips and Tricks

 Cut foam pipe insulation to fit sides of container...
 and cut slits in foam for a super easy paint brush holder.

Many More found HERE Inthiscrazylife

40 Almost Free Summer activities for Kids

Found this on a Great Website Thecentsiblelife She lists all of her 40 almost free things. Here is a sample of the list.Be sure to go to the site and check out the whole list !

 Local Library Summer Reading Programs – Our library has programs for kids of all ages. In fact last year one of my kids graduated to the teen programs at my local library, and I’ve never seen a kid more motivated to get his reading on. I think it was the idea of winning a free XBox that really motivated him.
 Free Story On-Line Story Time at Barnes and Noble
 Camp in your own backyard.
Use Trail Link to find local trails to go hiking, biking, etc.
Check out your local park and recreation organization to find a park you’ve never visited.
Go play in the sprinklers.
Try Geocaching. Per, geochaching is a “real-world treasure hunting outdoor game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocashes, using GPS enabled devices” such as your smart phone “and then share their experiences online.”
12. Check out hyper-local bloggers and local websites to find local nature attractions. In Oklahoma temperatures are often wickedly hot (in the 100′s) during the summer. We love to visit a place called Blue Hole, a natural cold water spring, that I discovered on a random search looking for fun things to do in Oklahoma. It only cost us gas money, a picnic meal, and $5 per car.
Train for a sport such as running & have a final goal or goal race picked.
Apple Retail Store – Camp -  Last year my kids learned how to make a movie at camp, and they loved it.