Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love Bug Box

Love Bug Box: Using the flat paintbrush: Paint the box lid with Valentine Pink. Paint the bottom portion of the box and the wooden plug with Bright Red. Let dry.

On top of the box lid, use the liner brush to paint oval eyes with black. Use the marker to draw a mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows. Add cheeks with the cosmetic blush. Let paint dry.

Glue the wood plug in place for a nose.

Use the tip of the paintbrush handle dipped in white to add dots to the eyes for highlights. Clean the tip of the paintbrush handle and then dip it in black paint and add dots to the cheeks for freckles. Use the liner paintbrush and white to paint a small line on the nose as shown and a small heart on the mouth for a tooth.

Cut the red chenille stem in half then in half again. Glue the two shortest halves to the top side of the box lid for antenna. Glue a heart to the tip of each antenna.
Cut a strip from the pink felt, make short cuts along one edge and glue the other edge in front of the antenna for hair. Cut the red felt into two teardrop shaped ears and glue behind the antenna. Tie the ribbon into a shoestring bow and glue in front of the hair.