Monday, October 10, 2011

Forget the shower Give me a third trimester Party

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Do you know what I want? I want a third trimester party, because every huge, miserable pregnant lady really deserves a celebration. Here is a peek at my third trimester party registry…
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Baby shower foods,

Baby shower foods, perhaps are the most delicate elements of the said event because these need careful planning. However, deciding on the menu can become considerably easier if the organizer knows the important considerations when it comes to the baby shower foods. Aside from saving him a lot of time, he'll definitely be able to choose the best dishes and save a lot of money by being guided.

If you are the baby shower organizer, don't forget to keep the following in mind when you're planning the menu: The number of guests. It's already obvious why this detail is important - you don't want to spend too much or too less on baby shower foods. Other than that, it'll be horrific to waste too much food or to not satisfy every guest's hunger. It is fine to serve food in excess if you intend to give some for your guests to take home but as much as possible, don't. It's better to leave the take-home goodies different from those served at the tables.

The party schedule. The food must be appropriate for the time that the event is taking place. Heavy meals are best for noontime and nighttime parties while light snacks are good for mid-morning and afternoon baby showers. Besides, your guests are already expecting that you'll be feeding them the proper meal type at the party so deliver it.

The baby shower theme. Every element of the party must tie-up with one another or else you'll risk ruining the mood. Just imagine your guests adoring your decorations and once they see your buffet table, their sparkling eyes suddenly look confused. Not a good scenario, right? To avoid this, make sure that the food display and presentation will complete the ambience. You don't need to sculpt the food or get exotic dishes just to fit it in with the theme; you can just do some tricks with the colors and utensils. For example, white serving plates and cutlery will look great for tea-party themed baby showers while skewered meat looks great for outdoor-types.

The guests' profile. Are all of your guests adults or will there be some children as well? Will they be all-women or will men be welcomed as well? Remember, every type of person has his own preference, but you don't have to consider each of theirs. Just make it simple by serving finger-foods for children or some meaty dishes for men.

The preparation time. If you plan to serve freshly-cooked and stove-heat dishes to your guests, then you definitely need to plan a menu that you can actually work on within the same day as your party. It doesn't matter if the dishes are simple and traditional, what matters is that you'll be able to serve the baby shower foods to the waiting guests on time. If you still want to pursue some rather ambitious gastronomic, it's fine; but make sure that you prepare in advance the right ingredients like pasta, marinated meat, and desserts.

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