Sunday, July 17, 2011

50 ways To Repurpose and Recycle a Wedding Dress

It Now that the wedding is over ,it seems a shame to store an expensive dress when there are so many ways to repurpose wedding gowns . Here is a small lit of ideas for any wedding dress or ugly bridesmaid outfit.

1. How about making a christening outfit
Many patterns can be found in stores and online
2. Make underwear
Use that silk and lace to create something special. How to Link Lace
     How to Link 
3. Kimono Robe
    Wonderful with a bit of colored embroidery  around the white of the old wedding dress. How to Link
4. Evening Gloves How to Link

5. Arm warmers with thumb holes
6. First Holy communion Dress
7. Garter
     Make garter for your friends and family  How to Link
8. Christmas ornaments
9. Jewelry Bag
10. Flower girl's dress

11. Anniversary Outfit
       Shorten the dress if you're going to be dining out, remind your husband how beautiful you looked                  on your wedding day
12. Fabric Earrings
13. Fabric flowers
      My fav is the fabric Flowers  How to Link
14.Bed skirt
15.Padded hangers How to Link
16.Ring bearer pillow
      For your family and friends How to Link

17.Burial Bunting
18.Cocktail Dress
19.Donate To a Local Theatrical Company
20.Bassinet Skirting
     A very sweet way to remember your life and child a beautiful skirt of your own wedding dress.
     How to Link
21.Fairy Princess Dress
22.Halloween Costume
23.Fabric Flags with photos printed on fabric.
   Print on dress and make cute fabric flags for your anniversary party .Remember to get other anniversary photos through the years to add to the flags How to Link
24.Art Canvas
      Stretch across a frame and paint away ,or print on fabric and frame .
25.Donate To Charity
26.Christmas Tree Skirt  How to Link
27.Doll cloths or Doll dressed like an angel
28.Pillow Sham
29.Sell On eBay
30.Shadow Box
31.Prom Dress
32.Sell to a second hand shop
33.Stuffed animals How to  Link Dog

34.Quilt or Photo Quilt - How to print on fabric
36. Table runner  How to Link
37.Wedding Album Cover
      A great way to store all the wedding memories is in a fabric covered photo album covered wedding         fabric and lace. How to  Link
38.Wedding Gift Wrapping
39.Storage box Covers
      How to stylishly store your treasures . How to link

40.Christmas bags  How to Link
41.Christmas stockings How to Link
42.Baby shoes  How to Link
43.Fabric postcards invitations
44.Ballerina dress
     For the groomsmen and grandchildren or just a memento of the day  How to Link
46. Evening Purse How to Link
47.Tree Skirt  How to Link
48. Card fronts for a anniversary dinner or celebration. Mixed media  Quilting site
49. Valentine gifts
50.Tooth fairy Pillow