Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Lady bug

Half brick paver
Half a 6 sided paver
Red, black & white acrylic paint
 Black chenille stems or twisted wires
E6000 glue
Acrylic spray sealer

Paint body of paver red. Let dry.
Paint "head" black & let dry.
Paint face white & let dry
Repeat painting.
Paint black spots on body. Highlight with white when dry.
Spray with acrylic sealer....2-3 coats.
Paint on eyes on eyes in black
Paint on checks with red and white mixed paint to make pink
Paint lips in red
When dry spray on sealer.
Glue on  antenna

The Bee
Thanks so much to Donna over at the chat board

Pavers by Donna

Made by member donnainnc over on the chat board.
These darling pavers
The Irish